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Transforming your Assets & Facility to Enhance
Innovations and Cost Optimisation

Building on the success of our Lab Asset & FM event (LAFM) in the US, we are now looking to support the European community!

The inaugural launch of Critical Asset & Facility Management in Pharma Summit will capture current priorities amongst R&D and production asset and facility managers in the pharma and biotech sector, and help them regain control of inventory visibility, optimise spends and mitigate risks.

As the industry undergoes transformation, streamlined operations and implementing digital solutions are at the front of mind for our community. The 3-day agenda is designed to help spark conversations and provide you with the practical takeaways on:

  • Utilising tracking of critical assets to upgrade your existing asset management programme and improve inventory visibility
  • Implementing Integrated FM in R&D and production environments to streamline and optimise operations
  • Adopting IoT and digitalisation solutions to revolutionise the lab and production environments
  • Optimising asset lifecycle management to reduce costs, improve sustainability and reduce risk
  • How to more effectively use asset utilisation data to make informed decisions
  • Better evaluate and managing OEM partnerships to reduce unplanned asset downtime

This is your one and only industry-led meeting in this space. Don’t miss out on this unique meeting to engage with your peers and re-define best practice for tomorrow’s 24/7 operations!

'We really enjoyed the event. The subject has huge potential as pressures
continue to drive different ways of managing lab assets and environments.'

- iLS Group Director 



The speakers were outstanding and topics were very relevant! The vendors were innovative! Great job with a packed agenda! 

- Director, Facilities Operations of America & APAC,

Bio-Rad Laboratories


Very engaging and open participants. Virtualy every presentation had a nugget of wisdom that holds potential for implementation at my organization!

- Group Director, R&D Business Operations

Bristol-Myers Squibb