About Event

Hanson Wade have taken the decision to cancel this meeting. Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause.

Building on the community that has been established in the US with our Lab Asset & FM event, we will be bringing together industry experts from functions such as; facility and asset management, maintenance and engineering, lab operations and procurement. With such a varied group of leaders present and extensive networking opportunities, this will create an environment ripe for collaboration on industry developments and challenges the community collectively faces.

This exciting event will help you better manage critical asset lifecycles, establish inventory tracking, effectively utilise data from assets to make informed decisions and adopt an end-of-life asset programme. Each of these topics are designed to help you optimise processes, increase capital efficiency and minimise risk, allowing you to thrive throughout the industry-wide transformation.

As the only peer-led meeting surrounding this topic, it is a fantastic opportunity to join stakeholders in pharma, biotech, CMOs/CROs as well as solution providers to share journeys in these key areas which will provide value to you and your team.

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  • Opportunity to learn from peers in the industry who are sharing their transformation journeys
  • Network and connect with counterparts from different job functions, find common challenges and discuss to try and overcome them
  • Explore the latest innovations and technology which is improving productivity, optimising processes and streamlining operations


Based on 2nd LAFM Summit US attendees’ profiles


VP, Director, Head of

      • Facility Management
      • Lab Asset Management
      • Lab Operations/ Management
      • Lab/ Consumable Sourcing, Category Management, Procurement
      • Equipment Management / Maintenance
      • Lab Design/ Planning

From pharma, biotech, CMOs and CROs