What Critical Assets Do You Own?

8:00 am Coffee & Registration

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Tracking Critical Assets – RFID Management of Inventory


  • Benefits and challenges of tracking
  • What are the values in tagging fixed assets?
  • Implementation into an asset management system

9:30 am How to Approach Strategic Asset Management


  • Getting the fundamentals right for maximum asset value
  • Aligning business strategy and asset management programme of the future
  • Implementing a programme into the lab and production environment

10:00 am Quick Fire Debate – End of Life Asset and Sustainability


  • Why you should implement sustainability into your existing asset management programme?
  • Recycle vs resell vs refurbish? What is the best?
  • From sustainability to maximising end of life asset value – how do you measure success?

10:45 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:45 am Lifecycle Management of Critical Assets

  • Tosh Karnik Director of Strategic Planning R&D Facilities , GSK


  • Objectives and benefits of critical asset lifecycle management – the customer perspective
  • Key factors when considering lifecycle management of critical assets – SpoFs, business criticality etc
  • Case study of one lifecycle management journey – timelines and aspects

Enhancing Asset Utilisation and Workplace Productivity

12:15 pm Optimising the Laboratory Workplace for Greater Scientific Productivity

  • Paul Watts Group Operations Leader, EMEA, CBRE iLS
  • Mark Trueman Head of Scientific Operations, EMEA, CBRE iLS


  • Driving value through optimised lab support models
  • Analysing space and asset utilisation to drive efficiencies
  • Building solutions for effective lab/critical asset management
  • Leveraging emerging technologies for enhanced outcomes
  • Delivering whole lifecycle solutions for scientific occupiers

12:45 pm Lunch & Networking

1:45 pm How Maintenance KPI Data Can be Used More Effectively to Make Informed Decisions

  • Gareth Morgan Director of Global Maintenance & Asset Management , Ipsen


  • Analytical tools to help the decision-making process
  • Understanding the dominant value driver.
  • Maintenance Efficiency and Predictive Maintenance.

2:15 pm Advancing Lab Operations & Discovery Through Effective Use of Scientific Assets

  • David Heiger Associate VP - CrossLab Group, Agilent Technologies


  • Practical instrument monitoring for asset management
  • Data-driven fleet and service right-sizing
  • Identifying and removing workflow bottlenecks
  • Balancing CapEx & OpEx

2:45 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Energy and Sustainability

3:15 pm Case Study – Celgene’s 2019 Facility of the Year Award in Sustainability


  • Objectives for the ‘Green Fairy Project’ in Couvet, Switzerland
  • Considerations during design and construction to ensure an environmentally
    responsible and sustainable site
  • Project outcome and efficiency gains, and advice on providing a site with effective
    uses of energy

3:45 pm Achieving a Three Year -15% MwH Reduction through Sustainable Practices


  • How to meet aggressive energy reduction targets over a three year period
  • Sustainable commissioning methodology and required projects to achieve this goal
  • Importance of ongoing measurement to maintain energy performance

4:15 pm Catalent’s Sustainability Journey


• Overview of current sustainability programmes and environmental goals
• Programme insights: API’s in waste water and energy efficiency & carbon reduction
• How to be engaging and build a corporate culture of sustainability

Interactive Deep Dive on Corporate Marriage Guidance

4:45 pm Building Trusted Partnerships with Your Internal Customers and Service Partners to Deliver the Perfect Lab and Production Environment

  • Liz Kentish Managing Director & Co-Founder, Kentish & Co


The role of facility, asset and procurement leaders is evolving fast. With a shift from transactional cost-saving focus, tomorrow’s leaders need to be more strategic and act
as the liaison between external and internal customers.

Liz is an expert in behavioural science and facility management, with years of experience helping pharma and biotech to re-design their space to enhance team collaboration and maximise scientific innovation.

This interactive session will give you practical takeaways:
• Get end-users involved at the design stage – applying behavioural science before
planning lab and production facility space
• Choose the right service provider and implement integrated facilities
• Sell the value of integrated facility management to the C suite

Afternoon refreshments will be served halfway during this session

6:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

7:00 pm End of Day 1